Christy Miller

CEO, President

Not many people get to say they love their job, but I do.

I bring new technology and security solutions to clients. Through partnerships with architects, MEP firms, construction management and the end-user, I offer vendor-neutral solutions as a consultant. I do not sell any product, therefore have no “skin in the game” when it comes to the manufacturer. Bringing new ideas to the client to best serve their needs is what I do. Each client has different priorities, and I pride myself in looking at all potential solutions. No “cookie cutter” approaches allowed.

When I speak to people about the ICT industry, they always ask how I decided to make this my career. There isn’t a “major” for this field in college. I followed in my Dad’s footsteps. Most people became aware of the industry through the military, working for “Ma Bell”, or a friend. As one of the small percentage of women in the industry, I want to change this.

Christy is an RCDD, RTPM, DCDC, CT, BICSI Board Member 2011-2018, Membership Outreach Development Committee member, Education Standards Committee member, and BIM committee member. Christy also serves as President/CEO at BCL IT Consulting.

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